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Alignment Requires Vision

I advise clients on AI technology, business strategy, and organizational development. My background is in strategic planning, workforce development, and HR process automation.

ALIGNMENTAL also has access to a broad range of experts that can collaborate on specialized engagements related to executive wellness, transition management, HR policy management, AI product development, and data science research.

  • Coaching -- Leadership coaching from someone who's done it for startups and the Fortune 500.

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  • Collaboration -- I excel at planning and creating leadership workshops and events.

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  • Consulting -- Projects in Talent Management, HR technology, AI, Analytics, Product Management

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Working together we can make talent and technology decisions that capitalize on business opportunities, adapt your roadmap to take advantage of greater productivity, and empower your leadership team with needed skills.

Are you interested in how AI is changing the employee experience, leadership behaviors, and also leading to unexpected business opportunities?

About Me

Alignmental syncs ideas with work

Scot Duffield is a 20+ year veteran of Human Resources leadership and product management. He founded Alignmental in 2023.

Project leadership at both startup and established firms provide an extensive background in organizational development initiatives that transform the digital employee experience and workforce productivity. 7+ years of hands-on experience developing the vision and roadmap for SAAS tools with high customer engagement for internal B2C and B2B users.

Outside of work, Scot has a passion for rock climbing and yoga.

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