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Get leadership coaching from someone who's done it.

Whether you're in transition or more established... Whether you lead a large organization or a startup... I've been there and get what you're going through.

We'll find your unique leadership strengths and help you make the most of your personal style.

Who I Coach & What I Can Help With

Maybe you're running your own business or trying to get your startup off the ground. Perhaps you've spent your whole career in large organizations and just got a big promotion. Or maybe you're rethinking your approach to your career with the rise of AI in your field.

No matter where you’re coming from, the big thing my clients have in common is that they are ambitious people in stretch roles. They often lead work that is being actively reinvented by new technology. This means my clients are typically learning and unlearning in equal measure and trying to figure out what success looks like as they face ambiguity.

Topics I regularly discuss with clients include team communication, how to empower and manage effectively, tools to deliver results, handling workplace conflict, how AI changes workplace dynamics, and the value of wellness for maximum productivity. You won't get one-size-fits-all coaching from me. I will engage deeply to understand your business goals, your personal goals, and your personal leadership style to inform our work together.

Am I the right coach for you?

I'm selective in who I coach, and you should be selective in the coach you choose. Meet with a few different coaches to make sure you find the one that's right for you before committing.

I've worked as a leader in huge organizations and built high-functioning, diverse teams. I’ve executed on long-term business strategies, breaking into new areas. I've built highly technical tools from an idea to a product. I've faced challenges as a highly involved parent who is also fiercely committed to my work. I have reinvented my career and skill set several times as technology has evolved. I have burned out and come back from burnout.

As your coach, I am likely to challenge you and take you outside your comfort zone, but I will also be your fiercest ally.

If this all sounds like what you might be looking for in a coach, we might be right for one another.

Availability, Scheduling, & Pricing

I offer coaching virtually for clients anywhere. For clients in the Seattle area, I am open to in-person sessions as well. In either case, sessions are 55-minutes long. I meet with clients between 9am-2pm Pacific Time, Monday to Friday. In certain cases, I might have flexibility to meet at times outside these hours.

For coaching to be effective, consistency is key. Once we choose to work together, we will mutually commit to partnering for three months, six months, or a year. Sessions can be every 2 or 4 weeks, depending on your goals. A lot of the best coaching work happens when we can build a relationship over time. I've been working with my own coach since 2019!

My coaching fee is between $400-$900 per session, depending on the length and frequency of our engagement. In cases where you’re in startup mode, I will consider startup equity for a portion of my coaching fee. I also offer discounts for leaders who have been traditionally underrepresented in their industries.

About Me

Alignmental syncs ideas and work

Scot Duffield is a 20+ year veteran of Human Resources leadership and product management. He founded Alignmental in 2023.

Projects at both startup and established firms provide an extensive background in organizational development initiatives that transform the digital employee experience and workforce productivity. Hands-on experience with developing the vision and roadmap for SAAS tools with prioritized customer engagement for internal B2C and B2B users.

Outside of work, Scot has a passion for rock climbing and yoga.

Find Scot on LinkedIn.