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I'm here to help lead HR projects, implement new technology, and organize your workforce for the future.

With a defined consulting process I use rigorous methods to assess, design, build, test, and launch whatever solution serves you best.

Don't Outsource When You Need To Learn It Too

Consulting projects give your business access to experienced professionals, new mental models, and accelerated results.

Project opportunities are often one-time activities that require expertise and focus beyond the scope of your current team.

Consulting engagements can be tailored to meet your needs, whether you're a startup, a growing business, or an established enterprise.

About Me

Alignmental syncs ideas and work

Scot Duffield is a 20+ year veteran of Human Resources leadership and product management. He founded Alignmental in 2023.

Projects at both startup and established firms provide an extensive background in organizational development initiatives that transform the digital employee experience and workforce productivity. Hands-on experience with developing the vision and roadmap for SAAS tools with prioritized customer engagement for internal B2C and B2B users.

Outside of work, Scot has a passion for rock climbing and yoga.

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