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Future-up Your Leadership

Whether it's a bootcamp, a keynote presentation, or a co-creative exercise we can work together to get a group of leaders aligned.

Invite me to an off-site or talent planning meeting and see what we can accomplish with hands-on ideation activities. I'm also an expert at engaging virtual sessions that do the same for displaced teams.

High-Value Workshops & Their Value For YOU

Before I ever worked in technology, I taught English overseas. And while leading technical HR teams, I feel like I continued to teach. Looking back, some of my most successful and rewarding work at big companies came in designing and facilitating workshops where my team learned and co-created together.

The right structured activities can help a struggling team get on track or turn a good team into a great one. Together, we will plant the seeds from which trust, collaboration, performance, and alignment will grow.

I am an expert in planning and creating leadership workshops and events. I am thrilled to join your team event and actively facilitate exercises for the team. I'm also happy to work with you to design tailored activities for you to self-facilitate.

I've experienced first-hand how much energy and business acceleration teams can get from these events, and I'd love to help with yours.

I'm prepared to lead your team through: AI Bootcamp, Business Strategy Development, Product Vision Creation, Employee Experience Audit, and More!

Workshops & Offsites For Teams

In-Person Facilitation

I travel to your team and facilitate your 1 to 3 day event. Align on vision with exercises designed to think big about the future.

Pricing starts at $40 hourly per person
plus travel and expenses.

Virtual Facilitation

I use on-line collaboration tools to engage your team and align them on top opportunities, no matter where they are.

Pricing starts at $40 hourly per person


I build a workshop framework around your selected topic with exercises that you lead yourself.

Pricing starts at $800

About Me

Alignmental syncs ideas and work

Scot Duffield is a 20+ year veteran of Human Resources leadership and product management. He founded Alignmental in 2023.

Projects at both startup and established firms provide an extensive background in organizational development initiatives that transform the digital employee experience and workforce productivity. Hands-on experience with developing the vision and roadmap for SAAS tools with prioritized customer engagement for internal B2C and B2B users.

Outside of work, Scot has a passion for rock climbing and yoga.

Find Scot on LinkedIn.